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NeuroCluster – University of Copenhagen

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Brain research is central to our self-understanding. But exploration of the brain also aims to combat brain diseases, which are among the major causes of death and disability in the Danish society. Brain disorders include developmental, neurological and psychiatric disorders, and significant progress in diagnosis and treatment of these diseases will require a major research effort in the coming years, involving both basic and clinical research. The NeuroCluster is an organization, which aim to promote basic and clinical brain research in the Copenhagen area.

Interdisciplinary Research

The NeuroCluster was established in 2005 at Copenhagen University's Faculty of Health Sciences.

The NeuroCluster presently consists of 70 research groups, which are wide-ranging both in terms of scientific interests and methodology.

We support interdisciplinary research within both basic and clinical brain research.

We support network activities such as scientific symposiums and research courses.


The NeuroCluster is currently supported by:

  • The Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen University.
  • Gerda og Aage Haensch Foundation.

Basic Brain Research

Basic Brain Research uncovers the basis for normal brain function.

Clinical Brain Research

Clinical Brain Reseach is the foundation of novel treatments of brain diseases.